White Velvet

A Colourful Day

You going througt the streets

and a song is on your lips.

It's a song by White Velvet

and just the world is sing with.

Colourful banners and ribbons

wave top in the high sky.

All people are here because

it is carnival in may.

      On the clouds we lie    -   It's a happy day

      Dreaming you and I     -   Lucy in the sky

      Feeling is so high         -   Just Lucky Man

      Let me tell your why     -   Let's go


The world is returned and

returned is also your brain.

Sun is shining you and me,

meadows, flowers, seas, the mountain.

The earth is just to small

in order to be a little dancing.

But you are in me now

and I dream for a big romancing.

      On the clouds ....


It's a story of a performance

by a new band in the action.

The mysterious walrus

in mother Layla's imagine.

Sheena's punk-rock band and

Maggy run on the wilde side.

Many girls says: mixed colours

in your eyes are so wide.

      On the clouds ....

Volkmar Börner

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